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Lauren Foote

Derby Name: Lauren Foote (formally Screw Barrymore, but most people call me Barry!

Lives: Melbourne

Skating Since: 2012

How can people find you on social media? Check out my Instagram account @laurenfoote66

Photo courtesy of Bob Dunnell –
Photo courtesy of Bob Dunnell –


How did you first get into skating? 

I watched Whip it then next minute I found myself volunteering at the VRDL Grand Final in first aid. I was instantly hooked and went along to their fresh meat the next day. My first session resulted in my wheel falling off my skate and falling over in front of everyone! I committed to buying a pair of skate the next day and worked hard to learn how to skate. I remember extra training sessions where I would tell myself to stop at the line until I could hockey stop. Soon after I was involved in creating East Vic Roller derby - a club in Dandenong. I then moved to VRDL in 2013.

How would you describe your skating style / What type of skating do you like to do?

I've been lucky enough to skate in a number of positions. In 2015-2017 I was a brace where I enjoyed track communication, strategy and backwards blocking. In 2018 I tried offence which was super hard as a lighter player. I learnt about leverage, and playing smarter not harder. In 2019 I tried jamming and spent a lot of time learning how to juke! If we take the track in 2020 I'm excited to help my team where ever I'm needed. 

Quick n Derby
Quick n Derby


What inspires you?

At the moment I get a lot of energy in derby from seeing my teammates succeed. Seeing people learn and grow and be the best player they can be. I'm inspired by coaches that see the game unlike others such as Shaina Serelson and Paul Sausage rolls.  

How did you get involved with Bayside Blades?

Bayside have been an excellent resource for our club for many years both in Australia and internationally. I'm really lucky where I get to try a range of products and leave my honest reviews. Everything that I endorse is from my own personal use in div 1 derby. 

NSP 189
Current Skate Set up: Check out over on our blog for a detailed run down
    • Arius Platinum plate
    • Solaris boot
    • S-One Visor helmet
    • 187 elbows, wrists and knees
    • Seba iLQ9 bearings 
    • Atom Trolley bag
    • Wheels: Atom Poison for Jamming, and Bont Assassins and Atom savants for Blocking. Atom Pulse for outdoor.

Marko Niemelä Photography

Marko Niemelä Photography

Favourite Skaters: 

- I love watching Loki Doki. She is super committed to skating (and possibly an actual energizer bunny!) 

- Amazing Blockers include Terrantula, Biceptual and Kayla Woodward. 

Favourite places to skate: The Factory, St Kilda skate park. Champs where you can feel the roar of the crowd!

Other interests: Lately I've started jogging, aerobics at home and baking. 

Marko Niemelä Photography
Marko Niemelä Photography
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