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We get asked a lot of questions here at Bayside, and we encourage you to ask as many questions as you wish about our products and services. Here are some of the popular questions. Feel free to email us any time with your own questions to Or call us on 03 95557988. 

What if my skates don't fit?

They could still fit with some extra fitting advice and here's a link to our Ultimate Fit Guide.

If you still need assistance please get in touch with us directly and we'll do our best to help.

I need to exchange a product.

No problems, we offer free freight on exchange items. The product must be unused and in re-saleable condition. Simply get in touch with us and one of out team will assist with the exchange process.

In regard to skates, we have years of experienced with remote skate fitting, so can help you work out the correct sizes. One of the best ways for us to get a clear picture of your foot size is via foot tracings. This will assist in making sure size is as accurate as possible before shipping.

Refunds and Returns 

Here is our refund/returns policy

Can I layby skates?

Absolutely! We see more people getting skates with ZipPay and AfterPay now, but a traditional layby can be organised over the phone or in the shop.

We require a 25% deposit to start a layby for up to 8 weeks, with a payment plan not required.

Cancelling a layby will attract a restocking fee (10% of total order when held for 4 weeks, 20% of total order when held for 8 weeks).

How do I know what size skate to buy?

Sizing can vary a lot between brands, and even within brands! If you aren’t able to come in to visit us in store, you can do a foot tracing and then let us know the measurements. We can then match that up to the right size for you.

For children, we add growing room to make sure the skates fit safely but also allow room to grow.

Check out The Ultimate Fitting Guide for a how-to on getting the right fit for your skates.

Can I use my skates outdoors?

Most inline skates come with outdoor wheels fitted, which you can also use indoors.

Most quad derby skates and quad speed skates come with an indoor wheel fitted.

Recreational rollerskates/quad skates usually come with an outdoor wheel fitted, which you can also use indoors.

What’s the difference between an indoor wheel and outdoor wheel?

Outdoor wheels are made of a soft compound, as they need to grip on rough surfaces and be soft enough to absorb shock from uneven parts of the ground.

Indoor wheels are made of a harder compound, as they are used on a smooth surface.

You can take an outdoor wheel indoors, but it's not advisable to take an indoor wheel outdoors, as it won't be a very smooth ride!

If you don’t want to change wheels every time you go from indoors to outdoors, then just choose an outdoor or HYBRID wheel and use it for both.

What is the difference between a STUNT scooter and a TRAVEL scooter?

A stunt scooter is made for doing tricks on. They have fixed-height bars so that there is the least amount of moving parts on the scooter to give it strength and stability when doing jumps and tricks, and a fixed neck (which doesn’t fold down), along with small, hard wheels to take the impact of jumps and spins. 

A travel scooter often has bigger, softer wheels for a smoother ride. They’re lighter scooters for carrying in cars and on trains, but the extra folding components aren’t made for doing jumps.

Ultimately, you can travel on a stunt scooter, but we don’t recommend doing stunts on a travel scooter. The travel scooter is not designed to take the impact of big jumps.

Can I bring in my scooter or skates for repair?

YES! We can book in your skates or scooters to be fixed, or checked over by our workshop technician who comes in every Monday. We can give you a quote before doing any work. We are able to work with you to ensure we order the correct parts for your skates or scooter.

Read More here.

Do you have any other stores around Australia?

Bayside is an independent store, so we are the one and only! However we do ship Australia wide and to New Zealand. We have a physical store in Braeside near Melbourne, where our trained team of staff have years of experience in helping you choose the right equipment over the phone or via email. No matter where you are, we can help you!

Do you skate?

YES! Everyone here at Bayside Blades is a skater and we have collectively over 100 years of skating experience between us all! We all love to skate and are involved in lots of different styles of skating. If you have a specialist question we will be able to direct you to someone with lots of experience in that field. Meet the Bayside Crew HERE.

Price Match 

Price matches can only be done if it's feasible for the business.

Things we take into account is any shipping fees, exchange rates and stock availability (it must be the exact same item in stock, including colour).

Please send us the link to the item that you're enquiring about and we'll see if it's possible.

Checkout Issues

One known issue is that if you choose 
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You'll be taken through their quick-portals and autoload your saved details. Many browsers cache this kind of information, so it can be harder to get to other payment methods (CHECKOUT).

Solutions include clearing you browser Cookies, or opening Bayside Blades in a new browser or Incognito mode.