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Father's Day Gift Ideas for Active Dads

Father's Day Gift Ideas for Active Dads

Rollerblading and roller skating - two hobbies that make Dad have so much fun he'll feel like a kid again.

When Father's Day rolls around, it can be difficult to find a gift that will fit the bill for Dads that love to have a skate. As all skating continues to grow in popularity, there are so many different skates, accessories and wheels to take Dad's skate set up this Father's Day from "not bad" to "SO RAD!!"

In this Father's Day gift guide, we'll tell you what you need to know to choose the right skates for Dad, as well as how to find out the right size and we'll give you a list of gift ideas to fit any budget. Plus You'll Receive FREE Express Shipping, Now until Father's Day!

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The first thing you should do is check what rollerblades Dad currently has (or used to have if he's not skating much anymore). Then, check what kind of skating he likes to do the most and what his experience level is. Is he just getting started or has he been skating for years and is ready for an upgrade? Does he like to skate alone for fitness? Or perhaps social skating with friends? Maybe he just has the need for speed and loves speed skating? Once you know this information, you'll be able to give him the perfect Father's Day gift!

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We have also created easy to use "Smart Finders" to help you narrow down the options when looking for your perfect skate. Simply add the information from above into the Skate Finder and we will give you some recommendations to suit your Dad.

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Fathers Day Activity Ideas for skating Dad’s

If you're trying to think of fun activities to spend time with Dad on fathers day here are some great ways you can spend the day with him.

  1. Skate Picnic! If you all already have skates, organise a skate day. Find a netball or basketball court and take the family, bring a picnic and give dad a really great day out.
  2. Roller Rink! If you don’t all have skates you can always head to the skate rink. They will have plenty of skates for hire to give it a go.
  3. Go watch dad shred the skate park and If your little ones are not so confident on skates take them on scooters! You can always grab ice cream after!
  4. For skating in Melbourne, if the weather is good I always recommend heading to Princes pier, the surface is a dream to skate on and the people are lovely.


What's the difference between roller skates and rollerblades?

Roller skates and rollerblades are essentially wheels in a frame with boots on top of them. Both are incredibly fun, but they offer very different experiences.

The main difference between roller skates and rollerblades is the positioning of the wheels, which affects the ability of the skater to gain speed and manoeuvre around. Generally, rollerblades are easier to get started with and get speed, while roller skates are great for cruising and spins. Both are fun and incredibly good for improving balance, agility and coordination.

Roller skates have four wheels: two at the front and two at the back. The wheels are positioned on two horizontal trucks or hangars. Each hangar holds two wheels, kind of like a skateboard truck. Roller skate wheels are usually smaller and much wider than the wheels on rollerblades.

Rollerblades have a central frame with the wheels positioned in a line (hence the other name of them, "inline skates"). There are many different types of wheel configurations on rollerblades, with most setups having 3 to 5 wheels. Many recreational skates include a brake to help with stopping, while more advanced speed skates, slalom skates and aggressive skates do not have a brake. By not having a brake, advanced skaters have more freedom of movement to get into different positions for various tricks and speeds.

How do I know what size skates to buy?

It's essential to get the right fitting skates, but this can be difficult when buying online, especially if you're buying for someone else!

Thankfully, we make it easy to help you find the perfect skates and the perfect fit for Dad this Father's Day with our ultimate skate fitting guide. Simply download the guide and let us know the measurements and we'll be able to fit your Father's foot.

If after Dad tries on the skates and something's not quite right, we also offer free exchanges, so there's no risk in buying skates online with us and getting the perfect fit for Dad.

Father's Day Gift Guide

With all that out of the way, let's go shopping! Click the link below to access the rollerblades, roller skates, accessories and more in our Father's Day Gift Guide.

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Finding Dads Skate Size Secretly

If you need to do it in secret you can always pretend it’s a game for the kids and trace everyone’s feet, you can then secretly use that tracing later to find the measurements.