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4 Reasons To LOVE The THEM 909

4 Reasons To LOVE The THEM 909

Them Skates 909 White Complete

1 By Skaters For Skaters 

Sleek and minimal, with function as a primary concern the THEM 909 is a stripped back skate for contemporary inline. With nowhere to hide, the small details shine though.

Features such as a rockerable cuff to create a more flexible or more supportive ride depending on the needs of the skater, a cut away and gap in eyelets to allow for greater flex right where it is needed, and a thicker shell in high impact areas set this skate apart from the rest of the market.

These small details reflect the experience and passion for skating that designer Kyle Sola and THEM Skates owner Jon Julio brought to the table when designing this modern classic.

Watch: Kylie Sola discusses designing the 909 (

2 Responsive Design 

From its release in 2019, the 909 has been a work in progress, adapting to the feedback and needs of the skate community. In 2022, having gone through 3 versions of soul plates and liner upgrades, the 909 reached the next stage in its evolution with the Complete ’22.

Watch: Them Skates 909 Complete ’22 ( )

 Them Skates aggressive skating

3 Collaborative Effort 

Born from the minds of Jon Julio and Kyle Sola, collaboration is at the heart of the 909. This collaborative spirit has seen the 909 become the canvas for several projects that have sought to advance inline skating in the 21st century.

Examples such the Danny Beer 909 with its unique Intuition Liner and clear shell, as well as the Brain Dead 909 collaboration between THEM Skates and Brain Dead, a LA based lifestyle brand, creating the blue and white swirled shell and giving every skate a unique pattern, demonstrate the new direction the

brand is heading in. Through these collaborative efforts the 909 has embraced new technology and contemporary street culture, and introduced inline to a new generation of skaters

Watch: Them & Brain Dead present: Future Shred Technology ( )

Them Skates Brain Dead 909

4 Versatile Style 

From the wild psychedelic swirls of the Brain Dead, the subtle and sophisticated tan of the Pat Ridder Pro Model, or the always classic black and pristine white, the 909 has an option to suit all tastes and styles.

By T.M 

 Them Skates Todd 909