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Tina's Skate Story


I am a mum of two crazy lads that are heavily into action sports and have been from a very early age. 


Ben (14) is a sponsored scooter and BMX rider and competing in this year's Australasian Scooter Titles in the Open Division after placing 2nd in the State Titles.


Lachlan, (12) his younger brother had struggled to find his niche sport. Growing up with an incredibly high-achieving brother has had its downsides you could say, until now...bring on the roller blades. He used to just get out there and give it a go as it was something Ben wasn't really interested in and therefore wouldn't come and show him up ;-) until we got in touch with 'the crew' and now, there is no stopping him!


I have never met a bunch of more supportive, caring and just plain wonderful souls as the blading community. Whenever I can't get Lach to an event/skate night, there are a number of people who are more than happy to pick him up, watch over him and return him home safe n sound. More importantly, I trust them totally!


Basically, I got into skating to spend more time with the kids. Instead of just dropping off or sipping coffee while freezing at the skateparks, I said to myself... "why not join in"? It has definitely been one of my finer choices. I am now spending more quality time with the lads, while also getting fresh air and exercise, win win!


As far as hurdles are concerned, I've had many...I had been a musician (Bass Player/Percussionist/Backup Vocals etc) in the Defence Force for the last 23 years, a job I absolutely loved. I ran half marathons, hiked and rode a mountain bike all around Tasmania and up the Eastern Coast of Australia from Sydney to Brisbane, raced BMX's, and pretty much loved everything the outdoors had to offer. This was not to last...after a botched surgery job on my left foot, and 9 subsequent surgeries to try and fix it, my body became so broken they had to let me go in November 2014. This crushed me. All the things I used to do, I couldn't, and it has taken me a very long time to become positive once again and back out into the outdoors...enter the blades. My left foot is currently fused at the first metatarsal, perpetually swollen and chronically painful making it useless for most sports.


Blading has allowed me to get out and feel the fresh air on my face once again and, accompanied with a constant child-like grin, I am enjoying physical activity once more. As the boot is rigid, I have aggressive skates, it supports my foot entirely allowing me to roll along without having to control the actual foot, it's wonderful! 


As Lach is getting into the more technical side of things, most of his skating is done at skateparks. I am not up for that yet so I am happy to roll around on nearby paths, checking in on him on completion of a loop, or he may come and find me if he thinks I've been gone too long ;-)


A huge highlight for me was rolling around the Grand Prix track in March after the actual event had finished, with a huge group of bladers. They were supportive of all the various levels of ability (even my lack of ability), and every time I was lapped, they offered support and encouragement, once again making that child-like grin grow bigger and bigger. 


My boys have been so wonderful and supportive with my new found sport and Lachster shadows me constantly in case I over balance or stumble. I'm certainly not up for ramps, grinds etc just yet but who knows what the future holds. Right now I am just so happy to be getting active again, trying to regain some fitness, and just feeling the fresh air on my face :)