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Stuart Cowin


Stuart Cowin 

Age  49 (at time of interview 2020)

Home Town Brisbane 

Lives in Brisbane 

Years Skating 5, then 25yr break now 2yrs

How did you get into skating?

Went to Kindy beside a skating rink, then tagged along with my brother to a session some 12yrs later. Sucked at it but loved it.

What do you love most about skating?

The people you meet, the places I've been but really the feeling you get when you go as hard as you can at a corner, hang onto it, then power out the other side. It's Go-carting without the go-cart.

What made you choose speed skating as your chosen sport?

The challenge to better myself, trying the perfect the art /technique of speed skating, plus I just love going fast

Speed skating takes a lot of dedication for training, what keeps you motivated?

For me I guess it’s about turning up & helping others be the best they can. Goal setting has always been another motivational tool, whether it be a time or a race meet

Do you have a favourite race in particular, like a favourite distance or particular event you enjoy the most?

Favourite race…… got to say I am a sucker for punishment & do enjoy the longer races from 1500m – 42k. Points races

Racing achievements- Staying upright & keeping skin on😂

Best Results: 

Recent years, 2nd in the open 42km marathon behind my now team mate Harry Stogdale who broke the national record

Most memorable race:

Competing in the 5,000m track at Oceanias one year, my job was to contain the USA team. Racing against Chad Hendrick he would pass me on the straight but before we got to the corner, I would make a late pass on the same straight to pass him back.  Despite his calls and arm waves to the officials, all passes were legal and I didn’t receive so much as a warning. This completely put Chad off his game and we got Chris Luxton the win.

Goals for the future

Competing overseas & completing a marathon in under an 1hr.

Beat Harry Stogdale😉

Other Hobbies

Cycling, cycle coaching, Carpentry & being a Dad