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Matt Caratelli

Name: Matt Caratelli

DOB: 18/03/1994

Lives: South Melbourne, Australia

Skating Since: 2006

How did you get into Rollerblading / Start Rollerblading:

I guess I kept with the rec skating saga that ended early 2000’s, but it wasn’t until my parents took me down to Riverslide Skatepark where I first saw someone GRINDING on rollerblades. That blew me away.

What's so good about skating and what inspires you to keep going: 

I’ve always loved its limitless capabilities for free expression and admire watching others blade (‘well’) as much as I like blading myself. It is also such a progressive sport that can push you physically and mentally on so many levels.

Nowadays though I really appreciate the hidden qualities that come with rollerblading. As you get older you its hard not to live a busier life and not over think things, but with rollerblading at least, for a moment in time, you can just focus on one thing, that trick. It can be incredible cleansing to practice and enjoy being present in the moment, completely conscious in your thought/s (the trick) yet autonomic in your actions… Clarity.

It’s an innately driven process I think we have in all of us, but I believe it is also so easily lost in today’s society. Thank God I Found Blading!

How did you become involved with Bayside Blades?

Although I became aware of “aggressive” rollerblading earlier than when I started, my Google searches of “stunt blades” and “trick skates” failed me haha. Until one day my Aunt came across Bayside Blades!

A pair of Razors Gen. Juniors later and I was hooked. Bayside have always been so welcoming and such a big part of the Melbourne and Australian rollerblading scene. A lot of my closest mates now I actually met very early back in 2006 at the ‘old’ Shed clinics that Bayside used to organise.

Skate Setup:

Razors SL2

Favourite Skater:

Mmmmm. Always changing but pretty much anyone that keeps it solid and stylish, and knows how to progress and evolve well with their own blading.

Having said that some of the homies such as Martin Gade, Kev San Jose and Oli Cjaza are definitely up there!

Other Interests:

Currently studying Chiropractic and making films! And talking shit…

Favorite Things to Skate:

Anything really. But JC’s coping box takes the crown.

Anything Else to Add:

A huge THANK YOU to everyone at Bayside Blades; Jenny, Neil, Andrea; I really appreciate this opportunity! I’m pretty sure I’ve dreamt about this since Adam Wadeson and Jake Gathercole were on the team aha!

PS. BWHAT’s old.