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Jess Jackson


Lives: Melbourne

Skating Since: 2010

How can people find you on social media?

Check out my Instagram account @jessiejackson

How did first get into skating? 

It all started when my friend and I watched the roller derby movie Whip It. We thought it looked like so much fun, so we found a local league and started training. Roller derby taught me all of the basic techniques, how to skate, how to stop, how to fall. But my gosh, the skaters are tough! Way tougher than me, so I only lasted a few years of training. Soon after my short-lived derby days, a roller skate street edit was released featuring Michelle Steilen (Estrojen). This video completely changed my perspective of roller skating. It showed me there was more to skating than just derby. It opened up a world of possibilities!

How would you describe your skating style / What type of skating do you like to do?

I would say I'm a recreational roller skater. I love so many different styles of skating – cruising around the streets, hitting the skate park or trying to get creative with roller dance and jam skating.

Jess Jackson Bayside Rollerskater Team Rider


What inspires you?

I watch A LOT of skate videos! Both roller skate and inline. YouTube and social media is an amazing source of inspiration. Through Instagram, I've been able to connect with skaters all around the world. We all share our skills and ideas. It's a very motivating and encouraging platform!

How did you get involved with Bayside Blades?

Over the years, I've met the Bayside team through various meet-ups – Tuesday nights at the skate park and Wednesday nights at the Melbourne Freeride social skate. Bayside Blades have always been very friendly and helpful, not only when I've needed new skate gear, but also when offering general skate advice!

Skate Set up:

  • Moxi Jack & Lolly boots
  • Pilot Falcon plates
  • Disco Blox for grinding
  • Atom Pulse outdoor wheels / Moxi Fundae Hybrids for street/park and Octo Momentum wheels for skatepark.
  • FR Storm weatherproof bearings
  • Moxi petal toe stops / Chaya toe-stops
  • Derby Laces waxed

Favourite Skaters: Estrojen, Takeshi Yasutoko & Candice Heiden

Favourite places to skate: I love the freedom of street skating.

Other interests: Dogs!

Jess Jackson Bayside Rollerskate Team Rider in Bowl