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Jenny Logue

Main Discipline; Skate Park
Other Passions; Recreational, and Teaching
Skating since; 1994
Shop Specialty; Jenny of all trades
Current Skates; Seba Trix, K2 VO2 90mm

I started skating in England in 1994 after much persuasion from my older brother. He had bought aggressive skates mail order from the USA and talked me into getting a pair of Bauer Recreational skates. We skated around our village and jumped stairs and waxed up curbs to grind on. There were 4 of us in the village who skated together and a few months down the track we ventured down to Southsea skatepark. My first experience on a ramp was getting to the top then wondering how to get down. There was a line of people waiting for their turn so I just had to go down it. I fell straight on my bum so knew next time I had to lean forwards! 

Before taking up skating I had danced since I was 3! I used to have lessons every day after school and did shows and pantomimes every year. As much as I loved to dance, the freedom of skating and having no restrictions took over. I could skate when and wherever I wanted, and could learn whatever I wanted. The more I got into it, the less time I had for dancing and eventually gave it up to be able to travel with my skating.

A year later I found out there was to be a Female section for the first time ever in the British Championships. My bro and our skate crew were all entering it and I was planning on going to spectate. I had never skated with any girls before and had only seen girls on skate videos in the USA, so had no idea what the standard would be like in the UK. The boys persuaded me to enter and I ended up taking first place. It was from there everything took off for me. I think I was at an advantage from having only skated with guys up until then, so I always would learn whatever they did. Whereas most of the other girls who skated around that time skated with other girls, so only knew what they needed to do to be as good as each other. So it worked to my advantage.

I gained sponsorship from a clothing company, and Oxygen skates, that paid for me to travel to the USA to compete in the X-Trials. It was really exciting to go and skate with all the pro skaters I had been watching on skate videos. I won the trials, which qualified me for X-Games that summer in San Diego. I spent the rest of my school years juggling skating and study. My school and college let me take any time off I needed as long as I made up the work.

In 2001 I came to Australia for a holiday and knew straight away I would have to come back again for longer as there was so much to see and do over here. 

I spent the summer of 2002 and 03 at Camp Woodward in Pennsylvannia. Woodward is the largest action sports camp in the world catering for Inline, BMX, Skateboarding and Gymnastics. Being able to skate every day on such amazing ramps really helped my skating. I also spent my time here helping with the Inline program, teaching kids to skate. I did as much as I could for those 2 years in competition, taking part in every stop on the pro tour and qualifying for Xgames and World Finals. I got 2nd place at X-Games in Los Angeles and used the prize money to fund my trip back to Australia.

In 2004 I travelled around Australia, working, backpacking and skating. I had only planned to spend one year here then spend a year in New Zealand. But I just couldn’t leave as I loved Oz too much! So I travelled around NZ for 3 months then sorted out a Sports Visa so that I was able to stay for another year and work in Australia. 

It’s thanks to Neil and Andrea that I was able to stay permanently as they offered me a job here working in the shop, and coaching skating. They helped with all the paperwork and it has been a really rewarding year for me. Living here in Australia is great and being able to work within an industry I have been involved in for so many years. I really enjoy teaching people to skate, it's so rewarding seeing their progression.

I have been involved in organising a lot of the Nationals and State titles for ramp skating for Inline in the past few years, and helping with a learn to skate programme with 2 schools in Frankston. This has been really great to see so many new kids getting to try out skating for the first time.

Ten years have easily flown by working here at Bayside, and I feel really lucky to work with such a great team. Also, getting to meet so many awesome people that come in to buy new skates, or get help with their skate gear is a massive bonus!