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Harry Stogdale


Name Harry Stogdale 
Age 21
Home Town Melbourne, Australia
Lives Malvern East, Melbourne
Years Skating 11 years this year (2017)

How did you get into skating?

I started skating at age 10 at Caribbean speed club where I first fell in love with going fast and challenging myself. For me it was school holiday program excursions to the skating rink that first gave me an adoration for skating, being with friends and rolling around was fun. Plus I found that I was pretty good! And that's what kept me coming back, which is how I saw a flyer at Caribbean for their speed classes. The rest is history!

What do you love most about skating?

For me when I started out, it was gaining fitness in a fun and enjoyable setting, racing against my best friends and learning how to get better and faster together. Nowadays, while I still love those things, what I love most is seeing my hard training pay off at big competitions like the Australian Nationals or World Championships. Things change over 11 years of skating, but my passion and love for this sport is unwavering.

What made you choose speed skating as your chosen sport?

Speed skating was where I had the most fun! I played junior footy when I started skating as well but found that non-contact sports were probably more my cup of tea.

Speed skating takes a lot of dedication for training, what keeps you motivated?

Like I mentioned earlier, for me one of the best things in skating is seeing my hard work and all the training pay off on race day, and it's also one of my biggest motivators. Each year at Nationals and at Worlds I'm inspired to go one better for next time, and not achieving an improved result on my previous performances is kinda like a failure to me.

Do you have a favourite race in particular, like a favourite distance or particular event you enjoy the most?

Favourite race! Difficult question, but I would have to say my favourite race distance is the 15km elimination, I really like the elimination format and the 15km on banked track has seen me skate really well a few times! It's a hard race and it doesn't always go your way but focus and clever movement in the group will help you avoid those eliminations. 

Some racing achievements-

Best Results: 

  • 2016 World championships: 12th - Senior Men 15km elim
  • 2015 World Championships: 4th - Junior Men 10km points, 5th - Junior Men 42km Marathon, 7th - Junior Men 10km points/elim
  • 2014 World Championships: 8th - Junior Men 10km points/elim, 10th - Junior Men 20km elim, 13th - Junior Men 42km Marathon.
  • 2012 World Championships: 8th - Junior Men 15km Elim, 13th - Junior Men 10km points, 14th - Junior Men 42km Marathon
  • Multiple time Australian National Champion and 8x Open Men National Record holder

Goals for the future

In the future I wish to continue to race at World Championships level and become world champion at least once! I have also really enjoyed being the coach for the Victorian Team at Nationals and really hope to stay in that role into the future, I love racing at nationals and working with the whole team :)

Other Hobbies

When I'm not skating I love riding my bike, not only for training but also cause it's fun and I love riding with friends! I love spending my downtime with my girlfriend and enjoying a sneaky cheat day meal or two. I also love playing video games even though mum tells me I have more important things to do.


 Photos by: Bernadine Geary