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Hannah Gandy


Name: Hannah Gandy

Born: 1998

Lives: Melbourne’s North-Eastern Suburbs

Skating Since: I began skating at about four years old and started freestyle in early 2018

How can people find you on social media?

Instagram @_hannah_skate or @aus_slalom

How did first get into skating?

When I was four years old my mum saw a pair of inline skates on the side of the road in hard rubbish. She brought them home and I skated around the kitchen in my bathers, having the best time ever. The skates were very big on me and shortly after I got a set of my own.

I skated recreationally for most of my life, trying different disciplines like speed skating, artistic and hockey. I never really fell in love with a discipline until I discovered freestyle slalom.

I grew up going to Eltham Skaterz (and Roller City before that) and Bayswater Roller City, and I always thought that my brother was the best skater in the world and that he made up all these tricks. He could skate on one wheel, skate on his heel and toe with his legs crossed and sit on his boot whilst skating on one wheel. I later realised that these tricks had names… toe wheeling, cobra and corvo!

One night I was at Carribbean Rollerama and I saw Jesse spinning on one wheel. I asked what it was and he told me it was “chicken toe”. I thought it was the prettiest spin in the world and after a lot of practice I can now complete many rotations.

What inspires you?

Completing something cool, or creating something beautiful. I love learning new things, whether it is a new trick, some footwork, a combo or some weird challenge. I really like the feeling of working to get a new skill, finally getting that extra spin, feeling your body is in the right spot or finally landing a line without kicking a cone. I get a lot of inspiration from seeing other skaters doing things that look nice.  

What is your favourite trick?

I really love rotational tricks. When I started slalom I loved doing volte’s and J-turns, which progressed to travelling and one cone rotational tricks like Korean spins, toe seven and chicken toe. I would love to learn back heel chicken.

How did you get involved with Bayside Blades?

I went in with Jesse who needed a new set of wheels and I walked out with my first set of slalom skates which were rockered Seba Trix 16’s. Bayside runs lots of slalom events and “The Shed” practice sessions which have been great for helping me make skating friends and become a better skater, and are central to the slalom community. The team at Bayside have always been so friendly so I always went back.

Have you been to many skate competitions and do you enjoy them?

I competed at the World Roller Games 2019 in Barcelona. This was a really amazing experience which pushed me to train more and become better. I also compete at all of the local competitions. I love competitions (despite getting nerves!) because they are a great chance to hang out with other skaters, and they really help inspire and motivate me. I don’t think I would have the skill I have today without them. I’m excited for the next world championship and for the upcoming Australian competitions.

Skate Set up: I’m currently on the FR Skates SL model with a 231mm frame and MPC wheels. Soon I will be getting some custom FR Skates Daria’s.

Favourite Skater: It is really hard to pick a favourite, so I will mention a few. I think that Vasilisa Maslova and Su Fei Qian create amazing classics. My favourite male skaters are Pau Bosch and Lorenzo Guslandi. It is the best to see skaters who are really in love with and enjoy skating, and that want to share that passion. I’m constantly admiring different elements of the skating by people who I roll with every day here in Melbourne, whether it’s their style, a new trick or seeing their improvement.

Favourite places to skate:

My favourite places are my local netball courts, Melbourne Museum and I always love visiting skate rinks. I really enjoy training at Lilydale Skate Centre.

Other interests:

I’m currently completing the final subjects for my Bachelor of Laws/ Politics at university. Apart from that, I work in employment law and as a youth worker for my local council. Whenever I have spare time I’m skating!

"Make sure you check out Aus Slalom on facebook. Run by Jesse and Hannah who offer skate lessons for Freestyle and Slalom" - Bayside Blades