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Giselle Stogdale

Name: Giselle Stogdale

Age in 2022: 20

Home Town: Melbourne

Lives: Melbourne

Years Skating: 16

How did you get into skating? 

My older brother was doing it so I decided that I may as well give it a shot myself!!

What do you love most about skating?

It keeps me fit, it's fun and exciting!

What made you choose speed skating as your chosen sport?

I chose skating because I enjoy it, I like all the people that I am doing it with and I want to push myself to see how fast I can get!

Speed skating takes a lot of dedication for training, what keeps you motivated?

Thinking about what the races are going to be like at future competitions is a big motivator for me, also I try to always improve myself so that keeps me eager to keep training hard.

Do you have a favourite race in particular, like a favourite distance or particular event you enjoy the most?

I prefer to race in longer distance races such as 5km and 10km. I like the longer races because I'm better at those events and also I find them more exciting to race in.

Some racing achievements - 

-1st 10km elimination Namwon Korea Open 2016

- 21st 10km points World Championships 2016

- Multiple time National Champion

- 13 time National record holder

Goals for the future:

In the future I plan to continue to train hard and keep improving, and hopefully achieve higher results at international competitions.

Other Hobbies:

I love to play netball to catch up with old friends, and I also like to do a bit of art and craft when I have some free time.


Favourite food: Chocolate 

Cat or dog person: 1000% cats are the best

Favourite subject: Chinese, PE

 If you weren't skating, where would you be?

I think that I would probably be doing another sport at a high level! Either athletics, swimming or netball I'd say.

 Apart from a skater, what do you want to be when you are older?

I am interested in medicine and the health industry so I would definitely be interested in being a doctor of some sort!

Photos by: Bernadine Geary