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Daniel Garton

Primary – Speed Skating.
Secondary – Street Skating Skating Since – 2021
Shop Specialty – Speed Skates
Current Skate – Bont Vaypor and FR SL

Skating quickly took over my life, as a hobby that I picked up during the end of the covid lock downs I was skating with my house mates at the time. Street skating around industrial sights till the early morning as there was nothing else to do.

My passion for speed skating started at Caribbean Rollarama. Watching the speed skates I quickly became mesmerized by the speed and grace of those who were nothing but faster than anything I thought possible. Purchased my first set of speed skates which quickly turned into quite the collection and trained. Now currently sitting in the B division of races. My hope is to push my limits and see just how good I can get at speed skating.

When I’m not on the track, street skating is my other main skating style. Nothing fancy but being out with friends skating around the streets has always felt like home.