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Choosing the Perfect Scooter

Choosing a new scooter can be tricky.

So many different brands and specifications to choose from. Here are some tips and tricks we've used to help choose the scooter that is best for you.

Travel vs Stunt Scooters

The first thing to decide is whether you're looking for a Travel scooter or a Stunt scooter. 
Scooters used to be pretty generic, like bikes were before BMXing became huge and road cycling became a recreational pursuit.

While it's possible to travel on a Stunt scooter, and do some tricks on a Travel scooter, they're really very specialised.

Here's how to tell them apart:

A Stunt scooter has a fixed neck (it doesn't fold down) and the bars don't adjust.
Both these features are critical to stability and longevity with the impacts of jumps.

Stunt scooters have a fixed bar and fixed neck.

They also use wheels with an alloy hub. This stronger hub is designed to do jumps and flips, and is usually coupled with a firmer (88a) urethane to withstand the sliding/skidding that can happen in skate parks.

Both the handlebars and decks of Stunt scooters are much wider than their predecessors, for more control when turning and a larger platform for landing feet. The handlebars are designed to sit in line with the navel or hip of the rider, as many tricks involve pulling the scooter up to your shoulders.

A Travel scooter is often lighter, and can fold at the neck for easy storage. The bars on Travel scooters can adjust in height, and are designed with a taller ride height.

Travel scooters use handlebars that can adjust in height, and necks that can fold down for easy storage.

The wheels of a travel scooter are often quite big to soak up the bumps and cracks of travelling outdoors. The large wheels, coupled with plastic hubs, provide suspension for a smooth roll and a great top speed.

Which type is best?

The travel scooters are fantastic for commuting. They have a massive range of spare parts and they're incredibly comfortable to use.

Stunt scooters are definitely the way to go if you (or your loved one) is doing jumps anywhere, ever. They're infinitely more robust thanks to less moving parts.

There are a number of features that have become common-place for Stunt scooters: 110mm wheels, 4.5" wide deck, smooth headset, 55cm wide handlebars. Riders who're 16 years or older will even go bigger than these standards.

The handlebar height is meant to sit around your hips. If the bars are too tall, it can be difficult to turn and much more difficult to do tricks like bar spins. As a rough guide, an average 5-year-old is moving from a 55cm bar to a 60cm bar, and will use this size until they're 12-14 at least.

Which brand is best?

In Travel scooters, go for a brand with loads of spare parts available. Both the Micro and Globber scooters offer excellent after-market support, with their scooters both super strong and extremely smooth.

In Stunt scooters, there is a huge range of brands with subtle differences between models. This is actually good news: you can definitely find a scooter that fits your needs in the colour you like best!

Speaking of colour, many of the parts on Stunt scooters are interchangeable. Feel free to swap the colour of your hand grip, grip tape, wheels, clamp or even bars are you see fit!

As always, if this guide hasn't helped you choose, please call us to get the personalised touch. We've helped thousands of people get the perfect scooter - let us help you too!