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Billy Rosenich

Primary - Street Skating / Street Roller Hockey

Secondary - Slalom, Park.

Skating Since – 2011

Shop Specialty - Vibes, and jokes about big heads OR little heads.

Current Skates - Seba SX and FR SL 4x80

I first put on rollerblades as a child around 5 years old, although I have little to no memory of this, I know I loved it from the few pictures I still have. I had a long break until I hit 18, when my Uncle and Aunty took me out to Caribbean Rollerama, along with my cousins, and I had an absolutely fabulous time.

3 hours of wobbling legs and flailing arms went by in a heartbeat and I was hooked.

We went back nearly every week we could, and soon, once I was confident.

Left the rink and started skating the streets.

Skating to friends houses’, to the shops, to the beach.. Sometimes I just wore them at home.

Rollerblading quickly turned from a hobby to a passion.

 In 2016, a good friend of mine invited me to play some street roller hockey.

Oh boy did that hit the mark. 10 or so of us would meet every week for some hockey fun, a few years later and now there are hundreds of Street Roller Hockey League Melbourne (SRHL) members, still meeting every Sunday and often in between too.

It’s super fun and casual. So if you’re interested in skating either quads or in-lines, come join us on our next casual day for games, music, drinks and maybe even a BBQ.

SRHL Melbourne

At hockey, I met a Stuart, who introduced me to Bayside Blades, Freeride, AND his unbelievably majestic slalom/street-skating style.

Shortly afterwards, I purchased my first set of brand new rollerblades. Seba Trix 2.

Running a rockered setup for extra maneuverability, perfect for the slalom style skating I was just getting into after being inspired by Stuart.