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187 Killer Pads have been designing and constructing knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards since 2007. It is a visionary company and has raised the industry standard in protective gear.
Adonis has taken race car design which offers a superior roller skate wheel.
Scooters from the best brands for the big kids in your family. These scooters offer a large wheel size to provide a smooth ride, can fold up for easy transport, and can take riders up to 100kg.
Helmets designed especially for Inline and Short Track speed skating. Offering an aerodynamic design, some include a visor attachment, these are the speed skate helmets speedsters choose!
Skate frames to suit UFS (Universal Frame System) mounting systems. Add a Powerblade frame and wheels to your kit for when the opportunity comes to roll along at a city skate where a bit more speed is needed, but you still need to throw a few grinds along the way!
Rep your favourite skate hardware brand with a beaut beanie, sweet shirt or hip hoodie!

Wheels to suit Street and Park style skates.

Have a think about whether you need 4 wheels for AntiRocker setups, or two sets *8 wheels* for flat setups.

Skates designed especially for park and street cruising from all the major brands. Aggressive skates also make great Free Ride skates when fitted with big wheel frames. Skate helmets are a must-have pairing with these!

Parts for aggressive skates which will increase the life of the skate, or add a pop of colour to make your skates match your own style.
Inspired by the style of groundbreaking skaters in the early '70s, American Socks brings back the lifestyle of alternative culture and urban attitude through your feet.  All socks are designed and manufactured in Barcelona, Spain.

Antik is a culmination of passion, design and quality from within the roller skating industry.

Handmade by craftsmen with decades of boot production experience in the USA.

A dominant force in inline Speed wheels for many years, it was a natural progression into Derby the. The successful Proprietary Formula is used in Derby wheels and re-set the standard for indoor wheels. 

The Atom product line includes inline speed frames, soft goods and protective gear.

Designed by skaters, for skaters!
Bionic originally entered the Derby market with a range of skate-specific bearings but quickly realised there was a need for functional servicing and lube products. They also added an awesome range of toe stops and tools to their range and development continues.
Designed to reduce or eliminate blisters or 'hot spots', these semi-socks are also used as a fitting aid.
Italian designed and manufactured roller skate plates.
Bones have been a key player in the rolling industry since 1981 which started as a result of a need for a better performing bearing. It was based on a Swiss manufactured bearing which was then modified to skating needs.

Founded in Sydney during 1975 by Sara and Inze Bont, Bont invented the modern speed skate. They were the first to use materials like carbon fibre, kevlar and fibreglass in boots, as well as thermoplastics, and velcro. Bont invented heat mouldable boots, and was the first company to make skates where the blade or frame could be adjusted on the boot.  

Bont was born out of innovation and they continue to innovate to this day.

Cado Motus is dedicated to providing superior speed skating hardware such as frames and boots, and softgoods such as bags, helmets and skinsuits.
Chaya toestops are formulated from a natural rubber compound. These toestops have high abrasion resistance.
Cheezeball Cheddar, Swiss and Gouda bearings designed for the rigours of derby skating including being corrosion resistant.
Chicks in Bowls hardware is specifically for aggressive quad roller skating. Represent the brand with softgoods such as beanies and t-shirts!

Christmas Bundles offer an easy way to add your scooter, protective and other cool items to your cart with just one click, and its not just time you save. 

Just open the product page for each item to view product discount Offers 

Crazy Skates is an Australian based skate company dedicated to roller derby skating and inline skating with skates and wheels for both skating disciplines.
Here are some suggested custom skate packages. Use these for inspiration when building your own package!
Founded in 2012. Wheels are poured in Huntington Beach, USA.
Badges, pins, arm bands, wheel bags. All the fun stuff!
If you're replacing some tired skates, or building a fresh custom package, check out these options!
Swag for your sport! Rep what you do.
Complete Roller Derby skates from all major Derby brands. These performance-oriented skates offer a balance between stability and agility while being lightweight and responsive.
Roller Derby Magazines, featuring action from both Australia and the USA.
These scooters have large, pneumatic tyres to suit gravel or off-road riding.
Find your Disco brand roller skate hardware here!

Skate-specific elbow guards from all the major brands. Whether it’s a discrete recreational style guard or a full protection derby elbow pad, there is an elbow guard here to suit your needs and budget.

Electric ride-on vehicles including scooters, mobility devices and micro bikes from major brands such as Globber, Micro and Razor.

Ennui is protective gear designed specifically for urban sports and all non-motorized wheeled sports.

Comfortable and good looking protective gear!

Ethic scooter hardware.
Looking for something for Dad? Look no further! These Father's Day gifts are great for active Dad's that enjoys or wants to start rollerblading, rollerskating or scootering. We've got gifts for Dad to suit every budget and accessories to match. Need help with sizing? Just let us know!
Created in Australia in 2007.
Slalom and Freestyle skate frames to get the movement flowing.
The rounder profiled wheel is most suitable for freestyle and slalom style skating moves.
Skates suitable for Slalom skating or Freestyle skating, these also make excellent advanced level recreational skates. Some slalom skates come with pre-rockered frames to improve manoeuvrability.
Founded in 2014, Globber Scooters have quickly established itself as a major brand in the adult and kids scooter market.  With a focus on promoting a fun and healthy life style, the design team at Globber have transformed conventional scooter through their reliable, innovative design.
Go Project wheels and bearings are designed for the advanced skater.
Grit scooters have been at the forefront of extreme scooter riding in Australia and is now quickly growing as a premium brand worldwide. There is a Grit Scooter to suit every ability.
GRN MNSTR is the maker of some of the worlds best roller skating products including Reckless and Heartless Wheels, Gumball Toe Stops, and Antik skate boots.
Founded in 2001 in California. Specific products include frames, backpacks, apparel and accessories.
Korean born Gyro wheels specifically for the heavier loads of slalom skating.
Designed by the team at GRNMSTR with the agility focused skater in mind. Heartless Wheels feature hollow core hubs and narrow (35mm) profile tyre to assist Derby skaters with manoeuvrability through turns, jumps and carving.
Add a visor to your life, protecting your nose, your eyes and your psyche! Need replacement parts or liners? We have them, too!
Wheels suitable for outdoor street hockey.
Ice frames and blades that can attach to recreational and aggressive inline skates, turning your skates from inline to ice
Helmets designed for short track ice skating all with ISU certification
Ice blades that can be fitted to a 165mm mount spaced boot.
Parts and Accessories to suit your Ice Racing needs. For a list of our Short Track approved Helmets, please see Ice Helmets listed here
All short track ice complete skates and boots.
Backpacks and trolley bags that are designed to carry your skates and some spare gear.
Boot and Blade packages suitable for Short Track Ice Racing. These packages come from the premium brands in Ice Racing skates.
Rock your retro with a modern twist with Impala!
If you're looking for a faster wheel, a grippier wheel or a lighter wheel - or even a wheel in your favourite colour - we've got them all here. Indoor wheels are used on very smooth concrete or wooden surfaces only.

These Roller Skates are fitted with wheels most suited for use on indoor surfaces such as wood and smooth concrete. Change up to outdoor wheels and use the same boots for your outdoor skating as well!

Wheels designed for speed skate racing on smooth concrete, wood, or rink surfaces.
Carry your skates while you walk, your shoes while you skate, and leave room for a bottle of water, a change of clothes and some spare parts! Backpacks, trolley bags and tote bags for your spare wheels!
Replace your bearings for that super smooth roll. Smooth running bearings also prolong the life of the wheel by keeping the wheel cooler.
End of model items, these are priced to clear, only listed sizes are available.
Some skate boots have the ability to the change the frames to suit your developing skating style or race event.
All the parts to maintain your skates, make them pretty, and add to their capability. Need a brake for your rec skates? A replacement buckle for your speed skates? Lube and bearings? Find a selection here!
Tools to keep skaters skating! Maintain your skates or switch out your bearings with these helpful tools.
Wheels to suit all inline skates. Update your skates with bigger, stronger or prettier wheels!

Inline Skates from all major European and USA brands, designed to suit both beginner and experienced skaters in all popular disciplines. Choose your style or browse our range here. Don’t forget your protective skate gear!

Frames to suit inline speed boots to optimise your racing experience. Choose your boots and speed skate wheels to make up your package.
Jackson's philosophy is to engage world level skaters in the development and testing of skate boots.
Aggressive skate brand.
Juice products for the derby player with a discerning taste.
K2 introduced the Soft Boot technology to Inline Skates and has continued to improve on that technological edge ever since.  Offering a complete range of Recreational, freeride and Aggressive style skate, this is an example of what can be achieved when fun meets science and technology.

Skates designed for the younger skaters in your family. These skates offer size adjustability though a clever sliding shell system, so now they can enjoy great skates without needing to replace them every time their feet grow. 

Skates designed for the younger skaters who’s feet are still growing.  These skates offer size adjustability, through a clever sliding shell system or adjustable footbeds, so now they can have great skates without growing out of them too soon. Don't forget to check our range of roller skates for kids!

Kids roller skates for the littlest member of the family, starting at junior sizes, choose from a range of low or high cut styles with toe stoppers. From brands like Sure Grip, Crazy, & Jackson, perfect for first time skaters.

These kids scooters are best suited for kids aged 5 to 15 years, not wanting to do stunt style riding. These 2 and 3 wheel kids scooters are picked from the major scooter brands like Micro and Globber, offer innovative design and quality production.  If you are shopping for a pre-schooler, please see our Toddler Scooter, or for Stunt Scooters click here.
Since 1999, Kizer has been pro-active in the inline skate frame market ever since.
Extra padding to wear underneath jeans, or for those derby-weary knees.

Skate-specific knee guards provide extra protection, whether it’s a discrete recreational style guard or a full-protection derby knee pad, there's a knee guard here to suit your needs and budget.

Lubes and cleaning devices to keep those bearings clean and rolling smoothly.
Originally started by Doug and Julie Glass, Luigino Skates has been a the forefront of product development in Speed Skates for many years and recently entered the Roller Skate market, with a competitive Derby Skate range. Manufacturers of the successful Atom wheels, Pilot Plates and Frame and Bionic products as well.
Proudly made in the USA since 2003, this wheel brand still continues to innovate and influence the speed skating world.

Men’s or unisex skates from major brands are designed to suit beginner & experienced skaters. Pair these premium recreational skates with an inline skate helmet & cruise the beach path or city streets. 

Designed in Switzerland, Micro Scooters produces a wide range of Award-Winning adult and kids micro scooters. Their focus on quality and safety has seen them recognised much time, including winning the Toy of the Year award for their Mini Scooter.

If you're looking for a gift for Mum that's memorable, different, and that she'll love, then we've got just the thing. This gift guide includes items to suit any budget, and for any mum that enjoys (or wants to start!) rollerblading, scootering or roller skating - with accessories to match.

Necessary kit for all derby players.

Moxi Skates offer a revitalised look to the classic roller skates, for people looking for a fun way to enjoy their skating. A great way to spend time with friends and getting in shape while splashing some fashion in the streets.

Moxi’s goal? Getting people on wheels! To encourage novices to buy a real pair and serious skaters to get a second pair for outdoors!

Engineered and made in the USA, these wheels provide amazing roll and grip.
Wheels for asphalt and rough concrete. Whether you're cross-training or making the most of the sunshine, we've got the wheel for you.

The Roller Skates in this collection feature wheels more suitable for use on concrete and asphalt surfaces. Change to indoor wheels for skating indoors.

Wheels suited for rougher concrete and asphalt surfaces.


Protective Padded Shorts, suitable for most forms of skating or extreme sports.
Supportive boots, strong plates, grindblocks, hard wheels- with these powers combined, make your perfect park skate!
Roller skate wheels to shred parks like a boss!
Pilot frames are designed for speed skaters and roller derby skaters in mind.
Roller skating plates, suitable for all disciplines of skating from roller derby, to jam and recreational skating.
No toe stop plates (NTS) are suited to speed roller skating, as the lack of the toe stop blocks helps minimise weight, essential for that extra speed!
Powerblade frames to suit aggressive and freestyle skates; bigger wheels = more speed!
A sturdy boot with frames that take big wheels for city skating. Check hard-wearing wheels here.
Powerdyne roller skate plates, cushions, cups and tools.
From the very beginning back in 1994 Powerslide has been supporting the inline skate market and their creativity and innovation continues to set the standard to this very day. Whether it's Speed Skates, Recreational skates, Aggressive skates or roller skates, Powerslide has a range of models for you to choose from.

Pro scooters are primarily designed for skatepark use, but make great commuter scooters if you don’t need a folding option. Pro scooters are extremely durable scooters, designed for jumps and tricks.

Protective gear that includes knee, elbow, wrist guards and helmets. Founded in 1973.
Protective packs to cover your wrists, knees, elbows, and various combinations of all three.
Skate packages offer a great value way to get started. Packages include Protective, Helmet and a skate tool, you just need to add fun.
Packages are a great way to maximize your value and these starter packages are designed to offer the best value possible for the first time buyer. Packages in skates, protective gear, and skate helmet.
Bearings that are designed to take a greater side load which is required for roller derby. Enhance the life of your bearings with cleaners and lubes.
Part of the very successful Riedel Skates group, Radar wheels produce a wide range of Roller Skate wheels, designed to meet the needs of Speed, Derby and Figure skaters of all abilities.
Mini ramps, usable for skating and scooting purposes.
Razors Skates remain one of the most popular brands with aggressive skaters because they offer a skate for all levels, offer a full list of replacement parts and because they offer a look and feel that skater are looking for.
Wheels and toe stops for roller skaters suited for different surfaces.
Frames to suit general-purpose recreational skates. Change up your frames to bigger or smaller wheels to switch up your skating style. Please note that to change your frames on a recreational skate, the boots needs to have the capability to do so. Please enquire with us if you are unsure if your skate can have the frame removed.
Wheels suitable for all types of recreational skates. Use the 'filter' button to choose the biggest wheels your skates can handle!
Spare parts for most recreational skates.
Indoors or outdoors, cruising along the beach or flying through the city, recreational skating is a great low impact fitness activity suited for all ages. Check out our massive range of 'rec' skates.
Red Pro Skate hardware.

If you're looking for a hybrid hard/soft boot with impressive design, then the REMZ "Freedom of Foot" concept is hard to go past. Introduced in 1998 by Kato Mateu  (the founder) Remz offer plenty of flex, a good size soul plate, and an excellent backslide plate design making them a popular skate with many riders.

These classic roller skates offer all the style of the original retro roller skates, with a revitalized look. These roller skates feature a choice of indoor or outdoor wheels suitable for rink or pathway skating.

Whether you’re an entry-level or elite skater, Riedell skates offer the latest in design and materials to allow you to achieve the perfect fit for peak performance.

Riedell Skates creates skate designs for all styles of skating, including roller derby, artistic, rhythm, jam, speed, and outdoor skating. With quality components from Radar Wheels, PowerDyne plates and performance skate accessories, and KwiK Bearings, Riedell offers skaters unmatched quality and performance.

Rio Roller is the original fashion quad skate brand since 1990. Designed in the UK.
Roll line roller skate plates, cushions made in Italy and known as a brand leader for precision and quality.
Carry your pads, helmet and skates in style, and maybe even your laptop.
Designed primarily for Roller Derby, these skates also make great recreational or rink skates. View our complete range of Roller Derby skates and boots for all major brands.
From tiny bags to hold your spare wheels, to large trolley bags- carry your pads, skates and helmet in style. Some bags are styled as a backpack, while others have a handle and are wheeled for easy transport.
Update your bearings for a smoother roll! Don't forget a new set of bearings every time you grab a new set of wheels.
These are designed to make the trucks move in a way that suits your skating style and the type of skating you are doing, whether it be derby, in a skate bowl or along the beachfront.
Grab a bargain here with end of model runout deals! Sizes are limited and it's always best to check with the shop about sizing and availability.
Compression gear to snazzy socks- gear suitable for all skaters. It's fun and functional!
Add a splash of colour or replace those fraying laces. Loads of different lengths and colours to suit every type of boot!
Designed to offer the beginner skater everything they need to get rolling in one value package. Packages include skates, protective gear and all the help you need to get everything fitting just right.
Customise your skates, maintain them, then make them pretty! Find your stopper of choice, tools that suit or add some sparkly laces to jazz up your skates.

Why are there so many different plates? Factors such as kingpin geometry, what material the plate is made from, the diameter of the axles, if the skater prefers a toe-stop or not, and even colour is a factor with some plates! Call Bayside for ALL your plate questions!

Fun and functional socks great for skating. Obsessed with Frenchies? Love moustaches? Got a thing for roller skating dinosaurs? We have you covered!

Protect your toes! And protect your boots! Toe caps and toe guards to keep a layer between your skates and the ground.

Replace those toe stops with something flatter or rounder, harder or grippier, coloured or 'natural'. There are so many different shapes available, try them all!
Heavy duty tools for regular maintenance of your skates or wheel removal.
Whether its grip, speed or even a colour change you want, we've got all the options! Find your indoor, outdoor and park wheels here.
Roller Skates suitable for roller derby, speed skating or just having fun, from all the major skate brands. Choose a skate that suits your needs or let us build the perfect skate for you. Custom skates are our specialty!
View our best selling and Staff selections roller skates all in the same place. Skates from Moxi, Riedell along with some of our most popular outdoor package all make this collection.

Rollerblade were the inventors of the modern sport of inline skating in 1989 and continues to innovate to today, offering skates for all ages and abilities.

Rollerbones is a premium quality urethane and bearings company suited to the roller derby player.
Since 1999, extreme sports participants have relied on S-One helmets and protective gear.
Reduced price skates, scooters and accessories - for a limited time only and while stocks last!
Grab a bargain here!
Scooter Helmets from all the major brands including Triple 8, Protec and S-One. These helmets are certified, making them legal for use by both scooter or bike riders in Australia and New Zealand.
Bits and pieces to add to your scooter, or replace parts as they become worn from use.
Lock your scooter, or prop your scooter up!
Replacement wheels to suit recreational or skate park style scooters.

Whether it’s having fun with the kids, commuting to work or school, we have a scooter to suit your needs. Push & kick scooters from major brands including Micro and Grit, we've also got kids scooters for the perfect present.  

Seba skates continue to make high-quality skates made for skaters in mind from their beginnings in 2005 with the focus on slalom inline skating. It is their innovation that is setting the trend for the industry at the present. 



Extra protection for easily bruised shins.
Boots specifically for speed skating on ice, known as short track due to the 111m track. View blades here to make up your package.
Lightweight but heavy duty, SISU mouthguards allow you to talk, breathe and drink without feeling like a mouthful.
Carry your skates while you walk, your shoes while you skate, and leave room for a bottle of water, a change of clothes and some spare parts! Backpacks, trolley bags and tote bags for your spare wheels!
Rep your favourite brand and personalise your style with snazzy socks or a cool cap!
On those rainy days that you can't shred, get some inspiration from the best.
All the pieces to keep your skates in perfect working order.

Skate Helmets from all the major brands including Triple 8, Protec and S-One. These helmets for skating are specially designed, many featuring safety certification; making them suitable for scooter and bike riders.

Choose from Triple 8, S-One, Bauer and Protec Derby Helmets.

Skate Helmets from all the major brands including Triple 8, Protec and S-One. Many of these helmets feature an easy fit 2 stage foam liner, making them comfortable to wear. Please note: Not all skate helmets are certified for bike use. 

Inline skate liners to replace old worn ones, or upgrade your skate fit without upgrading the entire skate.
International Skate magazines featuring street and park skating.

Protective gear from all major European and USA brands, designed specifically for inline and roller skating.  Whether it’s knee, elbow or wrist guards or a skate specific helmet, we have you covered.

To wear as casual shoes, or to fit Xsjado's or skates that don't feature a hardshell boot.
Fun and functional socks great for skating. Obsessed with Frenchies? Love moustaches? Got a thing for roller skating dinosaurs? We have you covered!
Smith Scabs pads provide premium and fun protective gear for extreme sports.
Sock It To Me has been around since 2004 and continually adding to its awesome range with many new styles and sock heights.
Sourpuss clothing for the rockabilly rollerderby player and fan!
Performance apparel for speed training and racing.
Complete inline speed skates with boots, frames, bearing and spacers. Please enquire about any modifications of a package.
There will be something here to appeal to the original skater! View plates here.
Keep your skates and gear together in one handy bag! There's room for your skates, a water bottle, spare wheels and clothing. Backpacks, trolley bags and tote bags.
To smash your personal bests, make sure your feet are wrapped in the latest, lightest, stiffest boots. Choose your inline speed skate frame to match.
Parts for your speed skates. Everything from spare buckles, laces, axles and more. Be prepared and keep a small kit of spare parts that will get you rolling again after having a crash, losing an axle or breaking a lace.
All inline speed skate wheels- see sub collections for a list of road or indoor wheels.
All inline speed skate boots and packages. Select from one of our package options or build your own!
Short Track Ice Blades for the speedy racer who likes to skate on an ice surface.
A leash system to tie your roller skates together.
Sure Grip has been a leader and innovator in the roller skate industry for many decades.

Legendary and passionate skater Jon Julio, brings you the brand dedicated to the street and park skater.

Scooters featuring the lean-to-steer system & light-weight design to suit riders of all ages. From the popular Micro Scooters & Mini Deluxe, all the way up to the Micro Monster Kickboard. There’s a scooter here that will make a perfect present for the little kids to the big kids.

Designed for the youngest of riders, these scooters for toddlers feature a lean-to-steer design, and are low to the ground for stability. You can also add seats, adult handles & steering locks so you can cruise in style.

TRI-SKATES are suitable for a variety of skating disciplines – from fitness to speed, off-road to free-skating.  Tri-skates can help you to skate faster, skate for longer, be more agile and to explore your limits.

Born on the tough streets of New York in 1996, this company has continually developed its helmet and protective gear range suited for scooter riders, skaters and roller skates and derby players.
TSG has been dedicated to protecting action sports athletes since 1988. It fuses a quality product with style.
Undercover has been the leader in the aggressive skate wheel industry for many years. It will soon team with Matter who is a premium speed skate wheel brand.
USD skates were born in 1997. The idea behind USD was to turn the industry upside down with new concepts such as interchangeable parts. The passion is still alive today.
Hand-picked products for that special someone. Looking to take your date on a skate? Check out our 5 skate date tips and location ideas.
Tshirts, caps and hats designed and printed in Australia.
Vibralux is the brand for inline skaters.

The 2021 winter sale has now ended. 

Join our winter sale and get further discounts on already reduced prices.

Further 10% discount added at Checkout

Now with free shipping on all orders over $50 Australia wide and free 30 day exchanges.

Our premium range of women’s fitness skates are designed for all levels of recreational skaters. Ladies skates come in an array of styles & colours, perfect for any skater cruising the beach path or city streets.

Wrist Guards to suit all skating styles. Some guards are quite lightweight as they are designed for the occasional fall. Others are heavier duty and are suited for falls encountered in derby and skating in the skate park.
Xsjado has been innovative since their start in the early 2000's. The company is retiring the brand with the appropriately named Farewell skate.