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  • Staff gear highlight : Cuong Huynh

Staff gear highlight : Cuong Huynh

Staff gear highlight : Cuong Huynh

Growing up in the city I spent many years jumping stairs, sliding down rails and grinding big ledges. Although I still love this style of skating I've spent the last decade really enjoying freeride city skating. It feels so good to simply roll and enjoy the feeling of being in motion. It takes me back to all the positive reasons why I started skating in the first place. 

I have a range of setups geared to have as much fun as possible when I'm out and about.

Aggressive: Razors Shift 2

Fast, responsive, supportive, durable and great fun for street and park. Generous soul plate size with grooves in the perfect location for satisfying, stable grinds. The extra chunky heel pad does wonders in soaking up the shock from jumps and general street riding. I like to charge fast up to tricks so I've set these up with Ground Control Mega frames with 8 x  65mm Anthony Pottier wheels and ILQ-9 pro bearings. Excellent acceleration and with plenty of grind space.

If I ever need a freeride setup with these I can simply bring along my cruiser setups (GC FSK 80 frames but just updated to the GC HD80 frames or 3 x 125 FSK) and snap these on in seconds with the Shift's Instant frame change system.


Urban: Razors Cosmo 4 x 80 and Rollerblade Twister Edge 3WD (2020 model here)

The Cosmo is basically the Shift boot with a ratchet buckle over the instep which does a top job in locking your heel down into the boots for maximum control. I love the feel and capability of a street style boot combined with a classic fast and stable 4 x 80 GC FSK kit (Just updated to GC HD80 setup) Speed and carve are accentuated with the short wheelbase and 80mm wheels. I've also upgraded the liner to the new Reign V3 liner for extra comfort. Great fun for jumps, stalls and sprinting around. These are my go-to skate for urban applications.

Twister 3WD

Rollerblade has done a top-notch job with their new series of urban skates and there was plenty I liked about the 3WD. Tough urban styling, stiffened shell, shock absorber and a precision fit liner makes for a fast, highly responsive and fun skate. The big wheels are super smooth over rough terrain that my 4x80mm setup would struggle over. These are quick off the mark with exceptional top speed. The tight wheelbase makes even carving around the busiest of streets a breeze.

Super fast urban and long distance - Seba Trix 3 x 110

The lightest and most agile skate in my collection. I save this one for going either long distance or if I just want to skate at warp speed! The unique 'Y' shaped cuff design provides excellent support and a good amount of flex so I can really work those wheel edges. Frames are the speed Striker 3 x 110 which are lightweight, stiff with a short wheelbase for easy turning. Wheels and bearings are the race grade Bont Red Magic 110mm Xfirm and ILQ-9 Pro bearings. The Red magics have excellent grip and roll so I can fly on the straightaways and confidently trust my edges in high-speed cornering. The ILQ-9s are one of the best value bearings on the market. Having skated many high-end brands before I just keep coming back to these as they are a brilliant performer at an excellent value price.

I have immense fun on all my setups, so if you love your skating do yourself a favour and get into something you'll enjoy every time you lace up!

Any questions about my setups or skating feel free to contact me at the shop on 0395557988 or email

Happy skating!